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We supply and repair a wide range of ice making machines from a small icemaker with a 4 Kg storage bin to a large icemaker with a 300 Kg ice storage bin. Please phone for details if you need a larger ice maker. The important factors you need to take into account when purchasing a new icemaker is firstly the external dimensions and installation site of the ice maker, some ice makers have have air vents on the side panels and some have them situated on the front panel, either way these air vent panels must be kept clear. Secondly, you need to calculate how much ice you will need daily. Our ice makers show the daily production of ice in kilograms and ice storage bin capacity. You may for example find an ice maker with a small ice storage bin and a large ice production rate will for fill your needs if space is a problem. Thirdly, there is a myth that ice makers need to be sited in a cold cellar, this isn't true. Commercial ice makers are designed to run at optimum in room temperature around the 20°C mark. Changing the ambient temperature either way will slow the production rate of ice down. Icemakers even have there own insulated storage bin to delay melting. Lastly, ice makers do have some waste drainage water which is fed out the back of the machine at the bottom via a waste pipe. They use gravity to drain and cannot pump the water out should it need to travel uphill. This can be solved by an external sump pump which is available  and costs £95 +vat. We're not tide to any one manufacturer so we really can offer impartial & unbiased advise on icemakers. We only list icemakers that we feel are fit for purpose and have been market tested with a good track record of reliability and a quality production of crystal clear ice. With a growing increase in demand for ice cubes in the market today you may find your current icemaker just can't cope. If this sounds familiar then you are left with two options. Either purchase a new ice maker with a higher production rate or buy a smaller ice making machine to run along side your current machine. 


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4 - 8 Kg Ice Storage Bins

classeq iceu35 ice maker width=


ice cube machine

Classeq ICEU35


Masterfrost C250 Ice Cube Machine

19 Kg per 24 Hours


25 Kg per 24 Hours

6.5 Kg Bin Storage


8 Kg Bin Storage











ITV Gala NDP20 Icemaker



22 Kg per 24 Hours



6 Kg Storage









Polar CM20 Ice Maker



Nice Ice N20 Ice Maker



Nice Ice N25 Icemaker



Polar T316 Ice Maker



Polar T317 Ice Machine




















10 - 17 Kg Ice Storage Bins



Ice Maker

ice cube maker


Whirlpool K20 Ice Maker

Polar T318 Ice Maker


24Kg per 24 Hours

50 KG per 24 Hours


10Kg Bin Storage

12 Kg Bin storage









ice cube makers


ITV Gala DP30 Icemakers

ITV Gala DP35H Icemakers


27 Kg per 24 Hours

35 Kg per 24 Hours


12 Kg Storage

15 Kg Storage







Commercial Ice Maker



Masterfrost C400 Ice Makers


Nice Ice N80 Ice Machine

40 Kg per 24 hours


Nice Ice N50 Icemakers

18 Kg Bin Storage










20 - 140 Kg Ice Storage Bins

ice makers commercial ice makers icemakers
Whirlpool K40 Ice Maker Masterfrost C600 Polar CM80 Ice Makers
40Kg per 24 Hours 60 kg per 24hours 80 Kg per 24 Hours
20 Kg Bin Storage 30 Kg Storage 30 Kg Bin Storage
masterfrost c800 commercial ice maker ice makers masterfrost c120 commercial ice makers
Masterfrost C800 Ice Machine ITV Gala DP50 Icemaker Masterfrost C1200 Ice Makers
80 Kg per 24 Hours 53 Kg per 24 Hours 120Kg per 24 Hours
40 Kg Bin Storage 22 Kg Storage 50 Kg Bin Storage
ice making machines Image of Icemaker C2800, C2800  
Masterfrost C1600 Ice Machine Masterfrost C2800 Icemakers  
160Kg per 24 Hours 280 Kg per 24 Hours  
80Kg Bin Storage 140 Kg Bin Storage  

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