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We have been repairing and supplying Sharp, Panasonic, Merrychef, Samsung, Merrychef, Mealstream, Merrychef Microaire and Maestrowave commercial microwaves to the catering industry since 1977. The microwaves we supply are ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, take aways and anywhere that needs a fast reliable microwave for high volume output. We supply commercial microwaves nationwide with free delivery and can supply all makes at competitive prices with full manufacturers warranties.

All the commercial microwaves we supply carry a full manufacturers parts and labour warranty. Service work is carried out by a manufacturers appointed microwave engineer. We are proud to be part of this nationwide network.

Delivery on our commercial microwaves if free of charge and we can offer attractive quantity discounts for two of more machines.

1000 & 1100 Watt Commercial Microwaves

1300 & 1400 Watt Commercial Microwaves

1800 to 1900 Watt Commercial Microwaves

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1000 & 1100 Watt Commercial Microwaves

1000 commercial microwaves are considered to be light duty. They are ideal for back bar for heating pies and pasties etc.

  samsung cm1069 cm1059 commercial microwaves Sharp R21at commercial microwaves
Microchef 1000 Watt Samsung 1100 Watt Sharp 1000 Watt
Commercial Microwaves Commercial Microwave Commercial Microwave
£199 £315 £247


1300 & 1400 Watt Commercial Microwaves

1300 & 1400 watt commercial microwaves are considered mid range, they are built to a high standard for heavy duty use.

 samsung commercial microwave panasonic ne1456 ne-1456 commercial microwave oven
Samsung 1300 Watt Panasonic 1400 Watt
Commercial Microwave Commercial Microwaves
 sharp 1500 watt commercial microwave samsung cm1619 cm 1629 commercial microwaves
Sharp 1500 Watt Samsung 1600 Watt
Commercial Microwaves Commercial Microwave


1800 to 1900 Watt Commercial Microwaves

1800 to 1900 watt commercial microwaves are designed for heavy duty use. Built to a high standard with a fast cooking power for busy commercial kitchens

commercial microwave panasonic ne1856 ne1846 commercial microwave oven
Samsung 1850 Watt Panasonic 1800 Watt
Commercial Microwave Commercial Microwave
sharp r23am microwave sharp r24at commercial microwaves
Sharp 1900 Watt, Dial Timer Sharp 1900 Watt, Touch Pad
Commercial Microwave Commercial Microwave


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