Do You Need a Break Tank Explained & What is a Break Tank Explained

Do You Need a Break Tank Explained

The current UK water regulations require commercial dishwashers to be fitted with a dedicated pipe from storage water tank or a type "A"  air gap in the water supply pipe. This is known as a type "A" air break tank. The level of protection required is category 5. This isn't to be confused with a non return valve which is category 3 & suitable only for glass washers.

Models which don't have a break tank fitted as standard can have an external break tank fitted at a later date and would incur a fitting charge and they can take up quite allot of precious space.

Not having a break tank will not effect the machines performance

It is possible your plumbing already has a device in the system at an earlier point which does the same job.

What is a Break Tank Explained

A break tank prevents back flow of dish water into the mains water supply which could cause contamination of the mains water. It does this by putting the mains supply water into a separate tank first, from there it is pumped into the dishwasher, should then there be a backflow it will just go into this tank and not into the mains water.

Machines we a type "A" air gap break tank will have these fitted internally and doesn't effect the external dimensions

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