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We have a selection of commercial bottle coolers which are ideal for bars, hotels and restaurants. Ranging in size, colour and sliding or hinged doors. Bottle coolers can be used to hold and display bottles or cans of beer, wine and cider etc and they won't let you down on even the hottest day. All our bottle coolers have a parts and labour warranty

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Single Door Bottle Coolers
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Single Door Bottle Coolers

bottle coolers bottle coolers
Prodis Single Door Bottle Cooler Chef King BB1 Bottle Coolers
144 x 330ml Bottle Capacity Black, Hinged Door
Black, Hinged Door £349


Two Door Bottle Coolers

2 door bottle cooler 2 door bottle coolers
Prodis Double Bottle Cooler Chef King BB2 Bottle Coolers
218 x 330ml Bottle Capacity Black, Hinged Door
Black, Hinged Door £389


Three Door Bottle Coolers

 3 door bottle cooler beer bottle coolers
Prodis Top25BS Bottle Cooler Chef King BB3 Bottle Coolers
Black, Sliding Door Black, Hinged Door
£479 £489


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Tel: 029 20747567 - Email: info@easicook.co.uk


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