Winterhalter GS502 Energy Plus Hood Dishwasher

The Eco Friendly Choice for your Kitchen



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winterhalter GS502 energy plus passthrough dishwasher

The Winterhalter Energy Series Passthrough Dishwashers transform wasted water vapour into new usable energy

The Winterhalter Energy Plus Series also transforms waste water heat into new energy

The energy feedback reduces the total electrical load by 3kW which reduces energy expenses & helps save the planet



Each time clean dishes are unloaded, moist, warm water vapour escapes – valuable energy that basically disappears into thin air. The GS 502 Energy / GS 515 Energy transform it into a real plus with the help of an exhaust air heat exchanger. The machines draw the vapour directly out of the interior in advance when the hood is closed and use the vapour’s energy to heat the cold supply water. This lowers your energy costs by up to 5250 euro over eight years and also improves air quality for the long term

The GS 502 Energy+ / GS 515 Energy+ are additionally equipped with a waste water heat exchanger and use the energy from their waste water. This increases the savings to 70000 euros over eight years

Parts & labour warranty   1 year onsite
Basket dimensions   500 X 500mm
External dimensions   W635 D749 H2145
Wash chamber height   430 mm
Wash cycle time    
Power requirements    
Finish   Stainless Steel

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