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Gravity or Pumped Waste?

Most commercial glass & dishwashers have the option of a pumped waste or gravity waste system. The diagrams below should help to explain the setup which best suits your needs

Gravity Waste


Pumped Waste

gravity waste commercial dishwasher   pumped waste commercial dishwasher

As you can see from the above drawing, the waste pipe travels downwards into the drain

  In the above drawing you can see the waste pipe travelling upwards to a stand pipe, waste water will need to be pumped
    This setup is typical of a domestic dishwasher

To identify which set up your current / old glass or dishwasher is.

Fill the machine, then remove the drain plug, if  the water drains away on its own then its a gravity waste machine


Other Options

If you have enough space above the machine, you will be able to put it on a stand, if this raises the machine above your waste line you can use a gravity waste machine, the advantages in doing this are that the stands are cheaper to buy than the extra you pay for the drain pump versions, also, you won't have to bend down to get trays out the machine, it is also one thing less to break down should debris jam the waste pump


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