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Classeq Duo 750 Commercial Dishwasher D750 Classeq Dishwashers CB974 CF734

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The latest version Classeq Duo 750 dishwasher is has a host of improvements over previous versions to improve reliability, a change to wash tank & rinse tank thermostats in the Classeq Duo 750 dishwasher allow adjustment of tank water temperatures. New design heating elements reduce the risk of failure by adding a thicker element (8mm thick) The Classeq Duo 750 commercial dishwasher has adjustable detergent & rinse aid pumps improve reliability. Improved display indicator neon's. New Anti Sython Drainage System prevents syphoning of wash water via drain pump system. This Classeq dishwasher also has improved Power Relay Contactors allow improved switching of 6kW element. The Classeq Duo750 is a high volume commercial dishwasher with built in chemical dispensers. This Classeq dishwasher only has 2 control buttons making it easy for multiple users to use. The Classeq D750 dishwasher also has a double insulated cabinet and door which reduces noise during operation and reduces heat loss saving energy and money. The Classeq Duo 750 dishwasher has single piece wash arms which provide  highly effective wash action meaning outstanding cleaning results. Reduced water consumption is achieved via a 12 litre wash tank ensures minimised running costs. Removable rack guides and wash chamber door allows easy cleaning and excellent service access. The Duo750 dishwasher is fitted with a type A air gap break tank, waste pump & rinse boost pump as standard. all this makes the Classeq Duo750 commercial dishwasher the perfect choice for your commercial kitchen

Optional internal water softener now available on this Classeq Dishwasher (D750WS)

classeq duo750 dishwasher







classeq duo 750 commercial dishwasher duo750

360 Plates per Hour

Hot or Cold Fill

WRAS Type "A" Air Break Tank Fitted

Drain Pump & Rinse Boost Pump

Full Width Wash Tank Filters

Removable Wash Guides for Easy Cleaning

13, 20 or 30  Amp Option

Adjustable Detergent & Rinse Aid Injectors

Adjustable Wash & Rinse tank thermostats

Complies with Water Board Regulations

Lease purchase from £14 per week with a 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Classeq Duo 750 Commercial Dishwasher (Duo750)

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Parts & Labour Warranty   2 Year Onsite Parts & Labour Warranty
Basket dimensions   500 X 500mm
External dimensions   W570 D630 H835
Depth with door open   990 mm
Wash chamber height   360 mm
Wash cycle time 3 minutes
Power requirements   13, 20 or 30 Amp
Finish   Stainless Steel
Standard Classeq Duo 750 - Classeq Duo750 Dishwasher CB974
Classeq Duo750 with internal water softener Classeq Duo750WS Dishwasher CF734

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Lease purchase the Classeq Duo750 dishwasher from £14 per week over 3 years with a 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty


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Classeq dishwashers have been designed for high volume use. This Classeq dishwasher has built in chemical dispenser pumps, this Classeq Dishwasher also has single piece highly effective wash arm action for up to 750 dishes per hour. The Classeq Duo758 Dishwasher is complete with removable rack guides. All the Classeq Duo dishwashers come complete with drain pump, rinse pump & WRAS approved air gap break tank.

The connections for installing Classeq dishwashers is quite straight forward, Classeq dishwashers will require an adequate power supply which can be either a 13, 20 or 30 amp supply, a water feed & a waste pipe connection, All Classeq commercial dishwashers use liquid dishwash detrergent & rinse aid chemicals instead of powder or tablet products that domestic dishwashers widely use. Our dishwash detergent has been specially formulated with an added tanning remover which helps tackle tea & coffee stains and bring out the best performance from your Classeq Dishwasher. Classeq dishwasher spare parts are readily available from stock in the UK


Classeq Duo 750 Dishwasher Duo750 D750 Duo750WS Classeq Dishwasher CB974 CF734